Sunday, October 20, 2013


Our cat, Rufus, is missing.

He has been gone since Thursday, which is not long, really, for a cat, but it is long for him and we are feeling the stress.

I have a vague ache in my head and slightly unsettled feeling in my stomach while going about my daily routine.  But then when I think of him - because I walk into our bedroom expecting to see him on the bed, or turn the corner to the back yard and am surprised that he is not on the deck, or just thinking about him for no reason - then my head feels like it is going to explode and I am sure I am going to vomit.  I don't feel like cooking and have mostly been eating sugary carbs.  Every interaction I have with my kids and husband takes all of my energy.  My sleep patterns are out of whack.  Etc.

And this is a cat.

Now pet owners understand that a pet really is a member of the family.  The Music Man and I have had cats before, but always in a more temporary situation.  But Rufus was meant to be a long term pet, so we really do feel like he is a member of the family.

But he is still just a cat.

This experience has made me think if this is how I feel when my cat is missing for three days, how do parents of missing children even function at all.  I have been trying to channel some of my energy into praying for parents out there who have missing children, especially as I walk our neighbourhood at night looking and calling for Rufus.  I can never really know what they are going through, but maybe I have the tiniest inkling of what it might possibly be like. 

We are trying to keep our spirits up.  We are telling the kids that maybe he's on a big adventure.  We remind ourselves of stories of cats returning home days, weeks, months or even years later.  

But it is hard.  And we are sad.
Come home, Rufus.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

2nd Dance-iversary

So, Saturday September 28 will be my two-year Dance-iversary.  Two years since my very first ballet class.  In some ways, it seems like it has been more than two years, because was there really a time in my life without ballet?  It has become a very central part of who I am.  On the other hand - Wow! - It's been two years!  And in that time I have gone from only knowing the five positions of the feet to having learned the entire barre for Grade 6 RAD and so much more.  And I started pointe class two weeks ago (still on demi-pointe)!!

I have also had to change teachers, due to the very unfortunate event of my beloved teacher Ms. M suffering an injury this summer and subsequently resigning her position at our local studio.  I have had two weeks of classes with my new teacher, and hopefully soon it will feel less like infidelity (not that I know what that feels like!) and more just like BALLET.

Ballet has brought some very wonderful people into my life - Good friends who understand my passion.  It has also given me a greater understanding of my body and the desire to make my body better.  Two years ago doing the splits seemed like a completely unreachable and unreasonable goal.  Now, though still far in the future, it at least seems less crazy.

Ballet is something that I hope to be doing for many many years to come.  Because, in the words of Clorinda the Cow, "If it's dance that you love, than it's dance you should try!"

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dancing Queen


I'm still here.  

So, I have this new passion.  It's ballet.  It's not totally new.  I started taking Adult Beginner Ballet last September.  I just didn't blog about it, because I didn't really blog about anything last year.  I took classes once a week from September to May.  Our class was not involved in the spring recital, but I helped out, reprising my role as Mrs. Potts with a class of five-year-olds who danced to "Tea for Two."   And then I did a summer session in June and July.  

In mid-summer I bought season thickets to the RWB.  (I am SO excited.  The Music Man and I are taking Monkey with us to see "The Princess and the Goblin" in three weeks!)

Then later in summer I registered for fall classes.  Plural.  I am taking a class on Monday nights with the teens, which is a great challenge.  And Adult Ballet on Wednesdays.  AND ballroom on Thursdays with The Music Man.  And it is all lots and lots of fun. I have dubbed this the Year That I Do Something For Myself.

That's what I have been up to these days (among other things, of course.  Like teaching piano again.  And being the mother of a first grader.  And contemplating very seriously becoming a home-educating family.  but more on that another time...)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flower Child

So, maybe you all knew this already, but I am a bit of a hippie (well, you know, minus the free love and LSD...) I do lots of alternative things (co-sleeping, home birth, extended breast feeding, free range organic food, etc. etc.)  I even kinda look like a hippie.

But today I think I made it official.  For an appetizer before lunch I fed my family Dandelion Fritters.  Yup. Dandelions.  Dipped in batter and fried.  And they were good.  And I'll probably do it again.

Groovy man.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Hike

We had our first family hike of the year on Sunday afternoon on the lake trail. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we had a lovely time. The Music Man was disturbed by the number of beaver-felled trees there were. Monkey hiked liked a trooper and even The Little One managed most of the outing without being carried. We are looking forward to a season of exploration, although snow and rain in the forecast will likely keep us indoors most of this week (you know, because it's Spring Break...)

(gurg. This post was supposed to have pictures, but blogger uploader is being silly. I'll try to add them tomorrow...)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

And all is now (finally) as it should be

Well, after a bizarre-ly warm and snow-less winter, thus far (I'm making up words today) all is now right in the world. We had a snow storm on the weekend (although I would hesitate to use any descriptor such as "whopper") and we now have a proper Manitoba-winter covering of snow.